Sunday, August 27, 2017

I am so sick of this shit

Corey Lewandowski looks out on a post-apocalyptic Hobbesian hell-scape:

“There is just too much chaos,” the former Trump campaign manager advised. “The National Guard is going to be brought in to help bring some law and order back to this as the rain subsides.”

Some areas of Houston have gotten as much as 12" of rain in 12 hours.  I have a TV running constantly, tracking weather conditions.  TV reporters are driving around the metro area reporting on flooding and people fleeing flood conditions, and no one, not the Mayor, not the County Judge, not the Governor, have mentioned bringing in the National Guard.

There is no violence or turmoil or lack of "law and order" anywhere in Houston or on the Texas Gulf Coast.  If there is, I haven't heard about it.  There isn't any because of mandatory evacuations, and because flood waters are still rising.  People aren't looting and running riot; they're trying not to drown, and wondering how to cope with the loss of everything they owned.

We heard this same bullshit during Katrina, when people fled to the SuperDome.  There was no anarchy there, no gang "bosses" setting up fiefdoms, no rape crews, no violence at all.  There were people helping people, and that's all there were.

Corey Lewandowski is an ass.

The rain is still falling, and predictions are for 35+" inches in some areas, with rain continuing until Thursday.  Add that up for the rest of the week, and we may see 5' of rain, or much more, across huge swathes of Texas.  Houston is part of it; Houston is by no means all of it.  This storm has a reach that goes from Brownsville to Lake Charles, Louisiana; from Houston to San Antonio and Austin, 250 miles away, and out into the Gulf to the east.  And it's going to go back to the coast, then up across Houston by late week, pouring water as far east as Mississippi, or probably Alabama.

"Superstorm Sandy" my ass.

“This is Katrina at this point,” co-host Clayton Morris observed. “This is one of the worst natural disasters this country has ever faced. This has the power to perhaps reshape a presidency in some way. It could alter the course of a presidency.”

No disrespect to New Orleans, but the amount of land, measured in square miles, that this storm covers and is dumping water on, is larger than some Eastern states.  This isn't Katrina.  When this is over, Katrina is gonna look like a rained-out Sunday School picnic.

And Corey Lewandowski will still be a clueless ass.  And the National Guard will still not be required.

ADDING:  if you want to see pictures of the parts of Texas needing "law and order," you can find them here.

Lewandowski is a flaming ass.


  1. Corey Lewandowski shouldn't be in any position to be listened to. He's a proven liar.

    I'm really sorry about what's going on down there. It's terrible. It should be a rule of decent society that this kind of thing is beyond politics. I haven't looked, I imagine there is snarking about how stupid the people who are being endangered and damaged and whose lives are in danger. Like during that terrible tornado several years back.

  2. These things always bring out the best and the worst.

    Glad you're still dry and online. If anything changes remember you've got friends at 7000 feet.

  3. We have a flooded street and cleaned up some water in the back room, the one with the tile (not wood) floor.

    We're fine. Other people in Houston are losing everything, and fleeing to rooftops hoping for helicopters. My sympathies and prayers are with them. If I could get out and around, I'd be helping, but I'm nowhere near those neighborhoods, and no way to get there.

    But I'd still rather be 7000 feet up. This is the time when the desert life is very appealing.

  4. If the Texas National Guard is brought in, I hope they'd do search and rescue and help people in flooded and destroyed areas in any way they can, rather than focus on restoring "law and order".

    The pictures are horrific, and there may be worse to come in some areas. People need help, not policing.

    I'm relieved you're okay.