Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"But first, start by looking at yourself."

Once upon a time the church could make this argument; but then that message got taken over by the evangelicals and fundamentalists and discarded by the prosperity gospel preachers in favor of blameless Christianity, and responsibility became somebody else's problem.

So now we have to get it from news outlets and historians and sociologists.  So be it.  Read the article.  And watch the interview with Jared Taylor, white supremacist, and hear nearly the same words coming from Donald Trump.

The read the article again, and don't congratulate yourself for not being Jared Taylor, and don't damn Donald Trump for sounding like the white supremacist he so clearly is; start by looking at yourself.  Think about your responsibilities for this situation.  You bear some; we all do.

If the church can't tell you, at least cable news can.  And we should listen.  The internet is not just for outrage; it can be for enlightenment.

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