Saturday, August 26, 2017

"They're tryin' to wash us away...."

Hurricane Harvey came ashore right across Rockport, Texas.  An early report this morning indicated the Rockport FD was inundated with calls, but couldn't get out to help because the storm was ongoing.  A police station on the coast was shown having the roof ripped off and building demolished by the winds and rain.  They are without power or lines of communication.

Not to say that's Trump's fault, or a sign of the end times.  This is what happens when a Cat. 4 hurricane makes landfall.  But honestly, in light of reality on the ground, Trump's tweets are just insultingly stupid, like he's sitting in some command center somewhere guiding forces against the storm like a general in battle.

Torrential rains are falling on the coast and inland; some areas are expected to get 2-3 FEET of rain.  Nothing you can do for that until it's over, and the clean-up and recovery starts.

BTW:  I saw a lot of conversation on-line about how bad this was going to be for Houston.  Houston is getting some rain from this, and some bayous are overtopping their banks.  This is more because Houston refuses to recognize flooding as a problem or decrease the amount of impervious cover it keeps adding to the sprawling metro area.  The hurricane has not hit here nor dumped torrential rain on us.  It is the people south of Houston, from Victoria to Corpus Christi, and now inland to Laredo, who need our prayers.  I've even seen signs rain is heavier north of Houston and inland, than here.

We'll see how bad it was when the clouds clear and the winds die down.  That's when the work really starts.  But according to predictions, that may not happen until this time next week.  Most models show Harvey turning to a tropical storm and walking up the coast toward Louisiana.  This may well exceed Trump's attention span.


  1. Glad to see you're OK so far. Jeanine said she saw something on TV about a tornado touching down in Katy.

    And I seem to remember you've written about flooding in your own neighborhood. Well, at least you're probably better prepared than most of us would be.

  2. We flood only if the rain is torrential right on top of us. We've had no more than2 inches, not enough for anything.

    Katy is well west of us. Tornadoes seem more common here during hurricanes. Last one we had went through our backyard during Ike.