Friday, August 11, 2017

Have a nice weekend!

Somehow I feel responsible because I didn't spend the day obsessing over "breaking news."  Although a "military option" with regard to Venezuela makes sense, especially if you can't locate it on a map.  Trump did explain that “Venezuela is not very far away.”  I mean, that border wall with Mexico hasn't been built yet, ya know!

Or if you don't have any hotels there (or in North Korea, South Korea, Guam, or parts of China likely to be effected):

Well, at least we can be assured the President is not just shooting off his mouth again:

Panetta actually said a bit more than that:

“Considering the number of flash points we’re dealing with in a very dangerous world,” Panetta said, “the last thing we need is another flash point where we may possibly use military force.”

“This is not reality TV,” the former military and intelligence official continued. “This is a situation where you can’t just talk down to everybody in the world.”
Yeah, but did Panetta defeat Hillary in the biggest election victory of all time?  Who's the President?  Who's the President?  That's right, bitches!!!!!!

Oh, well; we'll always have Kubrick:

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  1. We don't have anything on the worst of the imperial Romans by way of reason or sanity. That Trump hasn't been deposed this week is proof of the decadence the country has fallen into.