Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Advent 3: 2018: "And I Feel Fine"

"Advent then is dedicated to the last things, to death, judgment, heaven and hell, but above all to Jesus' glorious coming to complete his Easter work.  The church goes so far as to set aside an entire season to the end of the world and the final coming of the Lord, so important a part of the faith does she consider these truths."

--Charles K. Riepe


  1. As I come to the end, the more I realize what an important part of Christianity it is to understand that THIS world is not our home, that we're all wandering Arameans.

  2. Interesting you should say that, considering what I just posted (making the point I should have made there: that religion is a far more complex subject than we usually understand it to be. Most things are, actually. We are the ones arguing for the reductio; reality refuses to conform to our wishes. What do we do with that?)