Thursday, December 13, 2018

"I was only following advice of counsel!"

This starts out making quasi-sense, (if you ignore the fact Trump is on tape directing the payments, which is the violation of law; ignorance of the law is no excuse, ya know, whatever a lawyer tells you) but then the real Trump breaks out by the third tweet:
Got that?  Campaign finance laws don't apply here, and even if they did, Trump did nothing wrong, "because this was not campaign finance."  That logic is so convoluted pretzels look on in wonder at how he did it.  No idea who these "many campaign finance lawyers" are, but they all should turn in their licenses for giving such poor legal advice.
 So "King's X" because the lawyer said it was okay (which is not a legal defense) and besides it wasn't a criminal violation of law and besides Cohen lied to get a reduced sentence on this crime he admitted to which wasn't a crime at all but something everybody (judges, prosecutor, Cohen, his attorney) did to embarrass Trump. It's a conspiracy!, but don't say that out loud because it sounds crazy.  Cohen may need to contact his malpractice carrier (a little late for that, actually), but again, that doesn't exonerate Trump's variation on the Nuremberg defense.

And while none of that makes any sense whatsoever, it also conveniently ignores the plea agreement entered into by the parent company of the National Enquirer:

That sound you hear are the walls crashing down; not exactly Jericho's walls, but close enough for our purposes.

And on another topic, but related to the la-la land Trump has moved into:

This is a joke, right?


Let's note that Cohen is not the sole witness against Trump, and that Cohen is not the only person whose credibility can be reasonably questioned:

“On the issue of campaign finance violation, which was hush money before the election, Mr. Mueller — rather the Southern District now — yesterday presented several witnesses within the organization, as well as the publication that corroborates Mr. Cohen’s version,” [former Cohen attorney Lanny] Davis elaborated.

“You call it hush money,” Hemmer challenged. “Different people have a different reading of the law on that. The president said this 90 minutes ago: ‘I never directed Michael Cohen to break the law. He was a lawyer and supposed to know the law. It is called advice of counsel. A lawyer has great liability if a mistake is made and why they get paid'” There were three more tweets with that.”

“Can I do a quick answer?” Davis jumped in. “Mr. Trump, like a lot of people, can blame his lawyer. On Air Force One he looked at the media, of which you are a member and said, ‘no, I know nothing about the Stormy Daniels payment.’ The next day Giuliani contradicted him. The credibility of that is subject to —.”

“I appreciate the comment on that and see where it goes,” Hemmer interrupted before snapping, “It wasn’t under oath. You can call him a liar. It was not in a court of law.”

“I use the word ‘credibility’,” Davis dryly answered.
That "publication that corroborates Mr. Cohen's version" is, of course, the National Enquirer, about which Trump is notably silent.  This really isn't as simple as "he said/she said."


  1. Yeah, Trump is so famous for taking the advice of his lawyers.

  2. And Giuliani's only response is to demand Mueller make his report.

    When Cohen is being prosecuted by SDNY, not Mueller. Trump's exposure is way beyond Mueller.