Monday, December 24, 2018

Santa Clause is NOT coming to town!

Government is partially closed for Christmas (Border Patrol and TSA agents will soon be working without pay.) and this fundamental misunderstanding of the post World War II alliances is what the POTUS is worried about.

Saying it in all caps makes it true!  Besides, French President Macron said:

“An ally should be dependable… I very deeply regret the decision made on Syria.”

And for the burn:

“The only forces fighting against terrorism in the Sahel region are the French forces”, Chad’s Déby said, praising France’s military presence.
Meanwhile, Donald Trump has figured out who Brett McGurk is:

Of course the source of is ire is "Little Bob Corker."  Yeah, that nickname's gonna leave a mark!  If we were on the playground, maybe.

In financial news, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (Treasury is closed for the foreseeable future, too) is on the beach in Cabo (good optics!) calling bank presidents to tell them to remain calm.  Turns out they were calm, until Mnuchin called.  And now stories come out that Trump wants to meet with the Fed Chairman (who is on the Board of Governors, a sort of first among equals as Chairman.  Seems his position is rather like that of the Chief Justice, who must be appointed to that role by the President; the Justices don't draw lots or something.  It may be Trump can remove Powell from the chair, but he can't kick him off the Board of Governors, who actually decide interest rates.  Trump doesn't understand that, but everyone else does.  The kid is reloading his shotgun, and no one in Congress seems inclined yet to take it away from him.), so this is not a good look the day before Xmas, for anybody:
Yeah, that's the problem:

Santa, meanwhile,is stuck in the White House:
Dreaming of ignoring Art. I of the Constitution:

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  1. Well, if the big one's going to hit, I hope it does before January 3. I think it's going to, I just hope it does while Paul Ryan can be assigned all of the blame in the House.