Friday, December 07, 2018

War On Christmas 2018

Sympathy for the poor and outcast is so unseasonal!  And hearkening back to Matthew, one could easily say the Massacre of the Innocents is a political statement.  So either God is a liberal, or God hates Christmas.  Hard to know which.....


  1. My mother would have loved that this was at a Catholic Church. I wondered what denomination it was. St. Susannah's in Dedham MA.

    Considering probably most of those being detained and tear gassed are Catholics, it's not surprising that a Catholic parish might have some ideas on that.

    I like the comment on Hannity's twitter feed that points out he's not outraged, he's an actor who gets payed to play outraged on TV.

  2. I should have included this link:

    It's a good thing they did.