Friday, December 21, 2018

Massacre of the...

Well, no, no one's innocent in this.  Let's just say:  Houston, we've found the problem.

That was then ("shutdown will last a very long time").  This is now:
If you don't want to listen to it, the relevant connection is:

“We are going to have a shutdown. Hopefully, the shutdown will not last long."

Crawfishing already; again.  Of course, we "MUST HAVE BORDER SECURITY!" (you know he means it; all caps and an exclamation point!), but we must not pay our Border Patrol for border security.  Or anybody else in the DHS (Hello, TSA employees!  Merry Christmas!) or the DOJ, or about 9 other agencies.  Because this shutdown will last for a very long time, but hopefully it will not last long.

No wonder the Senate doesn't know what to do.  They had a deal with Pence which Trump blew up to appease Limbaugh and Coulter (are they still alive?).  As somebody said on "Washington Week" (or was it PBS NewsHour?), our enemies are noticing just how easily our POTUS is lead around by his ego.  As if they hadn't learned that lesson already.  Well, good thing our media has figured it out, huh?  Better late than never.

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