Saturday, December 01, 2018

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

One of these things just doesn't belong:

With Donald Trump, it’s always about the money. He is not going to sit in the White House and watch his business empire suffer the same fate as Paul Manafort, who forfeited $46 million to the government as part of his plea deal. He’ll resign with an assurance that he is pardoned for his crimes in the Russia investigation, the same way Nixon resigned with a pardon for his crimes in Watergate.

So Russiagate isn’t that different from Watergate after all. They will end up with the same end game.

Except Richard Nixon wasn't under investigation for state crimes or state tax fraud.  Mike Pence could pardon Trump, a la Ford and Nixon, but that would not end Trump's legal woes, or offer any greater protection to this business empire than it has now.

Nor would it do any more good for the GOP than Ford's pardon of Nixon did.  Unless the Democrats re-elect another good man but feckless politician like Jimmy Carter.

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