Saturday, December 08, 2018

Denial is not a river in Egypt

This is a reference to something Trump retweeted earlier:

As Vox pointed out the first time, not a word of that tweet is true; and the chanting seems to have been in the streets of London, cheering on someone in a rubber Trump mask dancing on top of a bus.  Doubtful the people in Paris are chanting in English, or that Charlie Kirk is fluent in French.

The really sad part, however, is that Trump is looking to an invented view of a country rioting because Macron is closer to Trump than not (too close for some in France), and relying on an invented story to give him succor and reassurance.  He's so despairing now (without knowing how to express, or even experience, that despair) that he's looking for affirmation from imaginary foreigners.  "Love France."

I don't think they return the affection.  This is a bad situation that's only going to get worse.  Maybe this, too, is something to prepare for; not the way of the Lord, but the way of all flesh.

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