Sunday, December 23, 2018

"Twas the weekend before Christmas....

Pay close attention to what he did, at least publicly:
Trump tweeted about Mattis' "retirement" on December 20.  Then he saw a cable news report about the resignation letter, and realized he'd been criticized.  You can almost hear the penny drop:
Meanwhile, fuck the Kurds and who cares about ISIS?  There's gold in them thare hills!
Interesting he can talk to Erdogan, but not to anybody in the Pentagon:

“Are your families asking if you’re leaving?” [Gen. Robert] Neller[, the Marine Corps commandant at Bost Air Field in Afghanistan] asked a group of Marines in Helmand province. Many said they were. “You’re not leaving.”

The Journal explained that none of the commanders have details about the president’s plan to draw down the troops.

“The Marines have laughed with their leader and his honesty, but it belied a frustration among officers and personnel about the lack of details from Washington: If Gen. Neller, one of the highest-ranking officers in the American military doesn’t know what’s happening, who does?” The Journal wrote.

In another case, Gen. Austin Miller, the head of U.S. and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces in Afghanistan, received morning intelligence briefings that focused on news reports because there was no official communication from the White House or Pentagon.

“I don’t think anybody really knows exactly what’s going to happen,” Gen. Neller told some Marines Friday. “I’ve read the same stuff in the newspaper you did, I have a little more knowledge than that, but not a whole lot more.”
This makes the government shutdown look coherent and well thought out.  And again, we can't seem to grasp that just because the President says so, doesn't mean it's so.
Thoughts and prayers, ya know.  Good for all occasions.
"Mistake" is apt in ways the media has yet to catch on about.

Yeah, he's so busy he has time for this.  Sen. Corker gets the last word, though:
But enough about you, let's talk about me for another minute. 
But that's not enough, he needs some more:

Poor baby.

He hugs praise to him like it was a blanket.  Have you ever seen a public figure more transparent and pathetic?

Why can't we just shutdown the office of the President until 2020?

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