Saturday, December 01, 2018

The Sociopathic White House


Mr. Trump looks for people who share his disregard for the truth and are willing to parrot him, “even if it’s a lie, even if they know it’s a lie, and even if he said the opposite the day before,” said Gwenda Blair, a Trump biographer. They must be “loyal to what he is saying right now,” she said, or he sees them as “a traitor.”

Campaign aides often echoed Mr. Trump’s pronouncements knowing they were false. People joined the top levels of his administration with the realization that they would be expected to embrace what Mr. Trump said, no matter how far from the truth or how much their reputations suffered.

Interestingly, this article includes an ad inviting readers to "explore the issues from both sides of the aisle."  What does this issue look like from the other side of the aisle, I wonder?

It really doesn't matter how many supporters Trump has or how much of the GOP base thinks Trump is doing God's work.

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