Monday, December 24, 2018

And What Does Texas Think?

I've seen this before:  the people furthest from the problem, with the least knowledge of the situation, never ask the people involved what solutions might be best.  No one asks teachers how to improve public education (teachers are the problem, amirite?).  No one asks students how to get guns out of schools (what do kids know, amirite?).  And no one asks people on the border of Mexico what good a wall would do:

“Trump has done some good things with immigration, but he’s 100 percent wrong about the wall,” said Dob Cunningham, 83, a lifelong rancher and retired Border Patrol agent who owns hundreds of acres abutting the border in Quemado, north of Eagle Pass. “I haven’t found anybody — and I know people from Nogales [Arizona] to Brownsville — who wants that wall.”

Statewide, 61 percent of Texans oppose building a wall, while 35 percent support it and 4 percent don’t know or declined to answer, according to a poll conducted in April by Texas Lyceum, a nonprofit leadership organization.

Residents of the Lone Star State who live, work and play along the international boundary with Mexico say they are happy that the Trump administration’s plans to quickly build the wall have encountered complications in Washington.

Yeah, but whaddo they know?  They just live there!

(And yes, that's a very long contract.)

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