Saturday, February 13, 2021

Miscellany Now That It’s Over

Let's put this in context. The Senate has now left the Capitol for a week. On PBS Lisa Desjardins noted that the parking lot was probably emptying out as she reported from the building.  The House Managers could postpone the trial for the day and left everybody go.  But when they came back, would the same votes be there? As it is, they got 7 GOP votes, the first bipartisan vote to convict in U.S. history. There was a gamble, and they declined to; and probably picked up at least two votes. How much better was it going to be than this?  Meanwhile, Trump's victory statement was completely premature. Even he knows what he did could get him in trouble. OTOH, this is both funny and true: And here's hoping his 15 minutes are over:


  1. What's the chance of an Article 3 disqualification for everybody arrested for illegal entry of the Capitol on January 6?

  2. AFAIK, that provision hasn’t been used since Reconstruction. I don’t know what the precedent is for employing it. So: damned good question,.

  3. I wish the lefty media would wise up at least to the extent that they consider maybe the House Mangers understood the REALITY of what would happen if they stuck to calling a witness who wouldn't have changed a single vote for removal as opposed to what their change in tactics got them. The statement was read into the record of the trial and not challenged as a matter of fact, that was probably the most they could have gotten. If the Congresswoman had made her statement a week or two ago, with backup information it would have been different. But bloggers and scribblers who never prosecuted a case in a high school moot court stunt figure they know better. I didn't bother looking at Eschaton to see how they now hate the very people they loved an hour before that.