Wednesday, September 30, 2020

And From There He Went On To Talk About The Leaves

And he wrapped it up with a "Sir" story.

Made sitting through the whole shitshow worthwhile.

(Idle historical note:  in the early medieval period you could walk from France to Poland and never see the sun, because the continent was so heavily forested.  That's the story, anyway.  That changed with the advent of the plough (the Romans used a stick.  Literally:  a stick.)  Trees came down and "sheer plod [made] plough down sillion shine" and European civilization was transformed.

I've been to Europe, albeit 40+ years ago.  Traveled through a bit of the Schwarzwald, if memory serves.  I don't remember one "forest city" in Europe at all.  Or much forest, for that matter.

And most of the forests in California are federal property.  Always good to keep that in mind.)

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