Tuesday, September 29, 2020

“Will You Shut Up, Man?”

Is it too late to get those parrots into the debate hall?

I didn’t have “Trump challenging somebody’s numbers.” But I expected “SOCIALISM!” And Trump arguing about 200,000 is not that bad.
Now he’s arguing with the moderator. And Biden laughs as Trump spews bullshit. Could be worse. And points for Biden calling Trump a clown.

“Would you shut up, man?” “ Keep yappin’, man.” Seems appropriate.
Yeah, I think he is.

(He’s laughing again.)
I can’t believe Trump walked into the swine flu. Oh wait, I do.
Nixon lost the debate to JFK on appearance. The “just kidding “ defense! Do I have to drink? 🍸
“Don’t ever use the word ‘smart’ with me”? Why, because you don’t understand it?

“No serious person said the opposite.”
Am I supposed to elect the President based on the size of his crowds? Trump opposed closing the economy. The states did it anyway. The increase in employment is twice nothing (still nothing). And he names states where Biden is leading.

“People want to be safe.” “I brought back football.” “I paid millions of dollars in taxes.” “Show us your tax returns.” When do we get to see them? “ When they’re finished.”
”You’re the worst President we’ve ever had! Come on!”
Eh, you don’t swing at every pitch.

“He doesn’t want to let me answer because he knows I have the truth.” “ It’s hard to get any word in with this clown.” 🤡 “Frankly, you’ve been doing more interrupting than he has.”

Unless you don’t believe you are 10 points down in the polls (Trump is, of course).

The Lovely Wife just made the same point. “He wouldn’t know a suburb unless he took a wrong turn.”

Oddly, Trump wasn’t upset by this.
I had quit before they started. I just didn’t know it would be this bad. “Do it. Say it.” Trump’s response is to tell Proud Boys to “stand by.”

“He never keeps his word.”

Forest fires! 🔥 Rake the leaves! Rake the leaves!! Yes!!!! The leaves!!!!!! 🍁 And a “Sir” story! DRINK!! 🍹
A bit out of chronology, but I can’t let that go unrecognized.
Well, sure.


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