Sunday, September 27, 2020

No, No Freak Shows At All

Certainly not from the top down:
If there’s a drug that improves your mental acuity and public performance and makes you more eloquent on demand...where do I get some?
No hypocrisy here! Or in the Senate! It’s the drugs that make you feel that way! The drugs in the water! FLUORIDE!!!!!
Yeah, no freak show here at all!!


  1. Graham already announced that Barrett will be approved on October 22nd. Verdict before trial. At this point the best path for the Democrats is to make clear how far Barrett's views are out of the mainstream. Anti-birth control, gun rights extend to felons. Set up that the Republicans have put such extremists on the court that adding more seats is necessary.

  2. Expand the court, amend the Constitution to remove lifetime appointments. “Lifetime” today ain’t what it was in 1789. Neither is “militia,” which is the real 2nd Amendment problem (and the lie in the “originalist” argument). But I digress...