Thursday, September 24, 2020


I take three prescription drugs daily (no big deal; been doing it for over 40 years).  My mother, on the other hand, took a shoebox of pills.  She had containers for morning, noon, and evening, and night.  And yet she paid next to nothing for her meds.  I know, I handled her finances for the last 4 years of her life.  She had Medicare and a supplemental drug policy.  I hardly ever paid a medical bill for her, and she had diabetes, congestive heart failure, and a number of other ailments.  Her diabetes was so severe she took insulin four times a day.  That did get expensive in the last year, when insulin prices spiked.

I take three generic cheap medications.  I have Medicare now, and a supplemental drug policy.  My prescription costs are actually lower now than they were on private insurance.  But I've never spent $200 on medicine in a year in my life.  My mother spent that much on insulin, or more, there at the end.  So there's that.

This is a pathetic attempt by Trump to buy votes in October.  It won't mean sh*t to me.  It wouldn't have meant sh*t to my mother.  And in the cases where people need it (my mother would have used it on insulin, when the price was so high), it'll be gone in an instant.  And leave people wondering why we can't have that all the time.*

He really has no clue at all.

*Dan Crenshaw is running ads about letting people choose their doctors, rather than "Big Government" telling them who to go to.  On Medicare, I get to choose my doctors.  On private insurance, I've changed doctors because of insurance changes.  Government is actually more accomodating than private companies.  I think more voters know that than Dan Crenshaw, who clearly doesn't.

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