Thursday, September 17, 2020

And Since They Are "Pre-Schoolers"

....they should just do what teacher says to do, right?

I think I see another flaw in Barr's metaphor.  Well, as well as his legal reasoning.  Prosecutors have a code of ethics and practices they have to conform to.  Barr seems happy to throw those out, too, in order to get what he wants.  But justice is supposed to be impartially applied, and equally, as well.  Barr's thesis is justice is what those in power say it is.  More true than not, admittedly; but the idea of justice in jurisprudence is that practitioners in the legal system aspire to a higher, purer standard.

Barr is preaching power to be applied in ways he approves of, and no other.  That ain't justice.  It ain't even the law.

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