Friday, September 25, 2020

The Horse’s Mouth

First, that’s a pretty much from the horse’s mouth tale of the “fraud” in Pennsylvania. I mention that because there are so many reports on this situation slightly older ones are not as accurate as newer ones. And that plays a small role in the analysis that follows:
That op-ed raises a good point. There is a distinction between fraud and error, and that’s a point to keep in mind. Fraud can draw the interest of the court, but is very hard to prove. Error is less important. It can change a vote count; that’s why 9 ballots wound up in the trash. The PA Supreme Court agreed “naked” ballots had to be discarded. Speaking of error, this one is probably going to cost Trump a few more votes.
I suppose he means “cheating “ like the ballots in PA that we’re tossed because of the legal theory he got the courts to accept. (That’s never gonna get old.)

Error is also agreeing to an interview with a non-American journalist.
I still don’t understand why our journalists can’t do this.
Ending on a high note.

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