Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Old School v. New School

Old school:

Most immediately, the president’s merger of his election-fraud message with the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice puts Republican senators in an uncomfortable position. Trump has argued that confirming a new justice is “very important” to winning any post-election cases. This casts aspersions on the justices’ independence and makes confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett a cornerstone of Trump’s election chaos strategy.
New school:

Cruz said he does not think Barrett should recuse herself from a court decision on the election should it come before her as a justice. "The reason we need a fully functioning court is to have nine justices who can resolve any dispute and ensure that the law and Constitution are followed," Cruz told NPR.

Move along, America.  Nothing to see here. 

1 comment:

  1. If the court decides a second election in two decades there is no reason for anyone to consider anything it does as legitimate. There is nothing at all more illegitimate than a bunch of judges throwing an election to a member of their party and the Republicans are the only ones who have ever done that. If they do that, blow up everything.