Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Clean Bills While You Wait

I favor one tweet in the stead of several where a thread is involved. Even with all the tweets, this is complicated and arcane stuff (and this one has nothing to do with Trump's tax returns, but with filings required by the UK for the Aberdeen golf course).  You may read the rest as you wish.  For me, the bottom line is Trump expends a great deal of energy protecting his financial records from scrutiny.  I don't think it's psychological or even pathological.  It seems more plausible it's because his actions are largely criminal.  Why are all Trump's golf courses described as "money-pits" and why does he go from failure to failure without ever crashing to the ground?  And if he is a billionaire (as Forbes alleges), it has to have been since "The Apprentice" (per latest NYT reporting).  How did he parlay $167 million in fees and an additional $250 million in monies for promotional deals ancillay to the fame he earned on TV, into billions?  It's not that he's a brilliant business man like Musk, or a brilliant investor like Buffet.

Is it all about the money laundering?  Well, why wouldn't it be?  And doesn't that explain the sheer obscurantism of the records that are being reviewed?
I'm hardly a forensic accountant, but that sounds like money laundering to me.

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