Monday, September 28, 2020

Another Way of Looking At It

I still insist Trump's claims he won't go gently into that good night is simply full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. The Daily Beast had a story that Trump was laughing at the consternation he was able to stir up. I don't doubt that. But I don't think his motivations are unitary and simple.  He's not a villain in a bad TV series.  So this explanation makes sense, too.

He stumbled into the Presidency and found himself invisible and bulletproof.  Someone got that into his thick skull over four years, and he liked it.  Or it got through to him when New York started investigating his "charity" (which was only a fund to funnel money to him, nothing more) and then came back around sniffing into his taxes.  Now he's squirting squid ink in all directions, but the net is already in the water, and there's no place for him to go.

And yes, he knows he's losing:

In November, the net gets hauled up, and he lands on the boat deck, squirming and out of his element and out of places to run to.  I don't look forward to his anguish and anxiety; I just want to see a little justice done.

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  1. I think, should this come to pass, that some schadenfreude is appropriate. He has done so much casual, gratuitous harm to this polity, that his undoing should stand as a deterrent to any future would-bes and an example of biblical justice any such would face