Friday, September 18, 2020

The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!!

“I also have an honest and well-placed concern that Bill Barr is going to send out the little green men and Trump will mobilize the National Guard in the states and try and seize ballot boxes,” he continued. “They are already engaged in a widespread legal effort to stop early voting, to stop mail voting in a number of states.”

Those guys aren't exactly standing outside the more than 230,000 polling places in America waiting for the "go" signal.  And they'd need to be ready before November 3rd, and there'd have to be some predicate for sending them in, and that predicate would have to have some basis on the ground, not just in Trump's fevered imagination.  Because by the time he gave the order on Election Day it would be too late to do anything except blatantly interfere with the process (which everyone would see coming), and that would destroy the GOP.  (It would also be too late to deploy the National Guard, but without a factual basis to do so, how does Trump give a legal order?)

Sure there's the "shock and awe" of men in helmets with guns charging into a polling place.  But is Trump gonna hit all 230.000?  Even 100?  Even a dozen?  Local police might well be called in, to protect the poll workers and the ballot boxes.  Those boxes are state property, after all.  National Guard are usually local, anyway.  Are they really gonna follow these orders?  Federal officers have no jurisdiction; that's why they never left the six block area in Portland.  The reaction to any such banana-republic tactics (and I include "militias" showing up to "true the vote") would prompt a swift public sentiment reaction that "We don't do that here."

And if he gave the order long before Election Day, the public outrage would stop the "little green men" as surely as they did in Portland when the kidnapping was exposed.  Well, that and Trump only managed to house troops in one Federal building in one fairly small city and make a mess of a six-block area with the willing assistance of some pissed off Moms and assorted protestors always up for a fight.  And even then he had to withdraw with his tail between his legs.

230,000 polling places?  In one day?  Even 1000 of them?  From the guy whose idea of federal aid in a disaster is to throw three rolls of paper towels?

Sure, it'll happen.

(I don't really question the metaphor to describe Trump's desperation to win, but he wouldn't know where to get the dogs or how to find Ginsburg.  I mean, he's that incompetent.)

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