Sunday, September 20, 2020

Through The Looking Glass

The President lives in an absolute fantasy land where anything that impinges upon his comfort at all is someone else's fault through a complex series of events of negligence and ignoranc which always remarkably resemble his own failings.  Of which he has none, you could ask him!  But everybody else?  Oy, the world, how does it keep from spinning off into space?  He's not sure, but he's sure it's because they don't do whatever he would do; or not do, since all he knows is what other people shouldn't be doing, they should be like him, he's so perfect he thought he made a mistake once, but he was wrong.

Yeah, probably. Sure, why not? Makes as much sense as what he said. What experience? The guy runs a company that sells his name as a brand, and even that's not doing well anymore. He had a middling TV show that allowed him to pretend he was important, but was as fake as the news he claims is fake (probably why he always says that). He's a walking example of a sociopath, probably the best you'll ever encounter. What experience does he have with forest management or water resources? Trump probably doesn't even understand how plumbing works.

1 comment:

  1. His probably doesn't anymore.

    Sorry, I had to say that.

    His base is as TV addled as he is, literally TV addled. We deal with the reality that TV and entertainment changed things and made democracy much more perilous or we go down the boob-tube.