Tuesday, September 29, 2020

"Some People Say"

On the one hand: this is an obscene abuse of power which dwarfs anything (but doesn't excuse) Comey did in 2016.

On the other hand:  does anybody really care by now?  Is anyone in the electorate all that worked up about Trump's constant cries over this conspiracy theory?  Anybody who doesn't believe it already?

Yeah, we know Trump has destroyed much of the strength and credibility of the U.S., for reasons that largely amount to "California should rake its forests" kind of reasoning (i.e., he's a stupid incompetent boob who is so far in over his head he can't look up to see bottom anymore).  But we're not going to start to cleanse the Augean stables until Trump is not in there filling them up.  So the only question at the moment is:  does this move the needle at all in Trump's favor in November?

And the answer, given that Biden has been holding a steady lead over Trump for months, and is now pulling away in Pennsylvania and pushing Ohio and Idaho to only "Leans R," (or maybe Trump is doing that),  is:  no.  This won't make any more difference than the debates tonight.

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