Wednesday, September 30, 2020

I'm A Little Confused

“He did what I expected him to do last night. He announced what he was going to do,” Biden said from the podium. “I think the phrase was, ‘Now I can become really vicious,’ I think that was his phrase at some point. Look, last night reinforced to me why I got in this race in the first place.”

Biden then referenced Trump as an anti-American treasure.

“Trump’s constant disregard and unwillingness to speak to COVID and the fact that 205,000 people have already died and over 7 million are infected and it’s likely to get worse – he didn’t want to talk about it at all,” Biden said. “In terms of election legitimacy, he made it clear he didn’t think this was going to be – if he lost – it wouldn’t a legitimate election. He’s already began to plant seeds of doubt in the legitimacy of this election. No other president [has] ever done that before.”

Biden continued, “And his dog whistle to white supremacy, when asked if he’d condemn white supremacy, he said he didn’t say a word, and then when I said, ‘Well, how about the Proud Boys?’ which is a white supremacy group, he said, ‘Well, I just told them to stand down and stand ready.’ Stand down and stand ready based on the outcome of the election? And last night, I think, was a wake-up call for all Americans.”

Biden said he tried speaking directly to the camera and to the American people throughout the debate.

“Trump has no plans, no ideas,” Biden said.

I've read a number of commentaries now on the "debate" last night (these things aren't "debates" at all, but anyway....), and they all seem determined to be even-handed about what Trump did and how Biden responded.  I have to say, I especially appreciate all the concerned white people who think Trump's fervid embrace of white supremacism isn't really that big a deal:

To the extent that there was a substantive headline, it was Trump’s refusal to disavow white supremacy—after, it should be noted, claiming that he has been great for African-Americans—and his continued campaign to undermine public confidence in the upcoming election by baselessly asserting that ballots will be interfered with. “This is not going to end well,” he said, of the election, showing once again that his plan is to attack the very idea of voting itself. He then repeated it, as if for emphasis. “This is not going to end well.” It sure sounded like a threat.

"To the extent that there was a substantive headline"?????  I would just adopt the remarks of Mr. Jones, and leave it at that.  I get that Biden didn't stay "above the fray" against Trump, but if he had, wouldn't we be doubting his seriousness and moral fibre right now?  And frankly, only one person on that debate stage was "unpresidential," and you know what?  He happens to be the POTUS!  We only have one of those at a time, you know.

All of which walks us all the way around the block to bring us back to the words from Mr. Biden I started with.  He doesn't insult the President, or tell him to shut up (though his comment then was in response to Trump's hectoring and being "unpresidential"); but he does provide a better commentary on what happened last night than anything else I have read, by anybody else (including yours truly).

I've got to give him high marks for that.  It's about time somebody spoke sense, and it's rather reassuring it comes from the candidate for the highest office in the land.  He's not perfect, but he's so much better than what's there now it's not even funny.  It's scary, in fact.  It points out sharply what we've been missing as a counry these past 4 years.

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