Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Armies of Lawyers

Are they all this (in)competent? Wait! She wasn't through! Why not?  Accepting a pardon is an admission of guilt.  Flynn apparently can't stand that thought now, even though he's already admitted his guilt.  And yeah, that's how far she got on the claim of "executive privilege." That's not all she did, either. BTW: Only the BEST people! (and that privilege claim? Died the minute she admitted meeting with Trump.)

All of this inevitably led to:
Followed by: Lawyer's note: this kind of thing only succeeds if the system is irrevocably corrupted. It's not succeeding yet, but the last time I say a lawyer pull this kind of stunt, it was William Kunstler. Then again, Julius Hoffman was an ass. Still, you never piss all over the judge who can rule against you while he/she can still rule against you.  But just to prove Flynn's lawyer is talking off the top of her head (she'll be bald and nothing to show for it): That kind of thing takes an entirely separate hearing, with evidence presented, etc.  The judge handled it as a judge should: That was not a rhetorical question. Not really. But now it gets good: At which point Kirschner lost his connection to the feed. Pity. It was just getting good.

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