Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Who’s Going To Mourn Brett Kavanaugh?

Who’s going to put up a statue to him? Sell his swag? Give him an adoring nickname? Quote him extensively? (“I like beer!”) Honor him as a trailblazer? See him lie in state on the steps of the Supreme Court?

Maybe. Someday. But it seems unlikely. And that someday is certainly not today.


  1. I don't get the angst that the Republicans aren't respecting the death of RGB. Are our memories that short? Scalia was stilling cooling when the first calls to block his replacement came burping out of the right wing miasma. It was so rapid that even some on the right were taken back by the unseemliness. That "giant" of the right then got some perfunctory adulation, but there was a strong sense of get this over so they could move on to the fight. When your political philosophy is centered around, what's in it for me, would you expect anything different? Scalia was dead, what good is he to the movement now?

    Despite our many faults on the current majority of the American left, we still see people as fundamentally human. (I could argue that our empathy for the humanness in each other is our overarching belief) They are not mere tools. I don't expect that from the other side, we should stop wasting energy looking for it.

  2. I’m not looking for it among them so much as in the American people. Trampling all over RBG in unseemly haste is going to extract a political price, on top of the price to be paid for Trump.