Monday, September 28, 2020

Two Things Here...

a) this is just a psychic scream. Trump is losing and he can't accept it. Literally; his psyche/mind/what have you, won't accept such monumental and public failure. So he discredits it like a child on the playground who is losing the game and callinge everyone else "cheaters!"

b) This is NOT evidence of electoral fraud that will get him into any court in the land, much less the Supremes. This isn't even a fact. It's a scream of pure anguish, as valid as a unicorn.

c) (alright, three things.  No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!)  No one is counting ballots yet.  Trump is conflating poll results with vote tallies (it's okay, the AP does it once every four years).  Again, back to a):  Trump isn't "undermining the electoral process," except by being a toddler with a shotgun.  What he says is of no force or effect, except as it mind drive down his own voter turnout.  Then again, his challenges to ballots will affect the GOP, too (and quite blindly), so maybe he should be encouraged in his ignorance.

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