Thursday, September 24, 2020

I Have It On Good Authority

That we aren't talking about this anymore. Or about this: Or about deaths from coronavirus. We are only talking about Trump's Supreme Court pick. Anybody here old enough to remember that? Didn't the press conference yesterday pretty much wipe that subject from the headlines?  (This whole meme that Trump is making us dance like puppets would work better if the news would stand still for 24 hours.)  Maybe we should be talking about this: Scott Walker's argument there is Trump's argument: if AP can't call the race by midnight on November 3, it's a fraud and a hoax and a fake and Trump wins by default no take-backs cheater cheater cheater!!!!!

Except that argument has no legal authority whatsoever, and no moral authority either.  It's not even good sleight-of-hand.  It's clumsy, clunky, and childish, the electoral equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum and threatening to take your ball and go home.  Except the election isn't your ball.  It's the people's ball.

We really do need to figure that one out.

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