Thursday, September 24, 2020

Winning Hearts And Minds

Well, so is this:
But pardon me if 8 guys with guns doesn’t scare the piss out of me and assure me the apocalypse has started. It’s more a result of stupid gun laws than Trumpian destruction of our way of life. And yet terror has become paramount.
He may do both. Is your trust in the rule of law and Constitutional traditions so weak you think that means the electoral process will collapse like a house of cards and the Secret Service will rush Trump to the bunker on January 21? Because if Trump can truly delegitimize the vote, he doesn’t just question his election, he unzips the system all the way down to dog catcher. There’s more than a few elected officials quite aware of this.
Trump doesn’t have a strategy. Trump doesn’t even have a plan. He just can’t stand the psychic pain of being a loser. He’s going to claim 3 million people voted illegally. Again. He’s going to claim hordes will descend on D.C. to see him inaugurated again. He’s gonna get about 8 people.
He’s pathological, but that doesn’t make him Stalin.
What also can’t be stressed enough is that we have a system of laws and governance that is not some paper tiger waiting to be shredded by the small hands of Donald Trump.
If 8 randos with guns on the streets of Louisville represents something larger, what does this represent?
I think democracy is quite active, thank you, and still cleaning up the mess we made when this land was discovered. We have a long way to go to undo that. In that context, Trump isn’t even a speed bump.

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