Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Many people say.....

This whole story probably has shorter legs than a dachshund; still:

There was a certain expectation he would do that.  Of course "hacked e-mails" assumes facts not in evidence, as the trial lawyers say; but without that allegation, the timeline is simply too complicated for Trump's simple minded conspiracy theories.

 "Some people," in this case, is Sen. Tom Cotton, who told "Face the Nation:"

"I'm not going to comment on what he may or may not have done for the United States government, but in the emails that were on Hillary Clinton's private server, there were conversations among her senior advisors about this gentleman," he said on "Face the Nation." Cotton was speaking about Shahram Amiri, who gave information to the U.S. about Iran's nuclear program. 
Except if this was classified information it is STILL classified information, and Sen. Cotton is violating Federal law by talking about it.  Anyway.....

Here's the report, per the NYT:

Some of her emails, made public last year during the controversy over her private email server, show that her top foreign policy aide warned her that the story was about to break, but they give little insight into what happened behind the scenes.
That's it.  That's the "classified information" Sen. Cotton is talking about.  According to Josh Rogin at WaPo, the "e-mails" were only two e-mails; he even quotes them in toto.  How that warned the Iranians, or tipped them to Shahram Amiri's status, or did anything at all (since the FBI still says there's no evidence her server was hacked, so no evidence Iran ever saw this set of e-mails; well, now they have, thanks to the efforts of Sen. Cotton's party), is unexplained; and unexplainable.

If you are interested in the story, read the NYT article, and Mr. Rogin's column on his own reporting of the story.  It would seem Mr. Amiri defected, became homesick, returned to Iran, and was caught.  An NPR story I heard earlier indicated he returned to Iran voluntarily, and was determined, later, to be a spy in Iran, by the Iranian government.  He left in 2009, then returned in 2010, claiming the CIA had kidnapped him (well, what story would you tell the Iranian government?).  He returned to Iran to join his family.  His freedom, unfortunately, didn't last long.

The question is, how did a scientist who returned to Iran in 2010 and was arrested, become a victim of Hillary Clinton's e-mails which were made public by the very politicians who now decry Hillary Clinton's use of her e-mails?  Why did it take the Iranians 6 years to execute Mr. Amiri?

Maybe it was because they were waiting for the checks to clear on the settlement agreements and the other diplomatic issues between the U.S. and Iran.  Or it's because they finally read Hillary's e-mails in the paper.

Sure; it must be the latter; the former doesn't put the U.S. in the spotlight, and clearly our domestic politics are what run the world.

I'll retire to Bedlam.....

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