Friday, August 05, 2016

Mo(u)rning in America

I've been following Trump's Twitter feed, waiting for him to quit tweeting about campaign events.

Today, he repaid my patience:

As I said, once the Bernie supporters got this one into the mainstream, it's no longer a "fringe" idea that needs a lot of explanation.  The "conspiracy" narrative is now a given (even though the primaries, like the general election, are run by the states (the state parties, in this case).  But never let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory!

"History is bunk."--Henry Ford

Last, but not least, a trip through the Twilight Zone:

Of course, he still insists Obama didn't explain the transfer of money to Iran, even though Obama explained it at a press conference yesterday, saying, among other things:

"We announced these payments in January many months ago. There wasn't a secret."

Well, it is if you don't pay attention!

But yeah, this will get attention off all the stupid things Trump has done to shoot himself in the campaign feet lately.

Or not.

And in the bonus round, just after admitting he was wrong and the plane was in Geneva, not Iran (after he said the opposite for several days, and in spite of his own campaign saying he was wrong):

Yeah, I'm convinced.

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  1. It's one of my greatest hopes that I don't expect to see fulfilled that no Democrat will ever, again hire Tad Devine to work on their campaign.

    I am more convinced, than ever, that most of the Bernie or Busters were those Greens who changed their affiliation to try to ratfuck the Democratic primaries and caucuses. I talked to the man who convened our town caucus and he verified what I'd suspected, that a very large percentage of those who supported Bernie Sanders were, actually, Greens who re-registered as Democrats the week before the caucus, Maine is (relatively) lousy with Greens. They, like the Greens, are mostly about wrecking the Democratic Party than they are about defeating Republicans, even the most extreme of the fascists such as Trump.

    I am in favor of Democrats using whatever means they have of taking over the Green Party and ending it, they've been attacking the Democratic Party for three decades, they've earned that treatment.