Saturday, August 06, 2016

"Really Good Few Days"

Jason Miller, director of communications for the Trump/Pence.

What follows are from Huffington Post.  They are so good I had to share some of them, starting with one that could refer directly to the Khizr Khan controversy:

And, related to that:

And a couple of reminders of the Beatitudes:

And the problems of worshipping wealth:

Finally, the problem of pride:

And let the people say:  "Amen!"


  1. Just to be fair, I'm not sure if any candidate, any magistrate, in any country, can or would govern in accordance with the Sermon on the Mount.

    Still, in this case I have to say that I support the hypocrites over the honest advocate of American domination at home and abroad.

  2. I thought of that myself, and wouldn't urge any candidate to follow the Sermon as a guide to governance.

    Mostly it's the contrast of the fool and wisdom that appealed to me. I see much of the Sermon not as a promise of God to balance the books at the End of Time, but as insight into what the right life looks like.

  3. I'm no fan of using bits of bible out of context, but I admit that when I hear parts of Trump's speeches that are directly opposed to the teachings of Jesus and the Hebrew Testament, bits of the bible pop into my mind. Since Trump declared himself to be a Christian and received support from a large number of evangelical Christians, including some in leadership positions the contrast is sharp. So yes, I enjoyed the posters.

  4. I thought about the text-proofing problem; but the contrast between the sentiments were so strong, I couldn't resist posting the ones I did.

    It was more to highlight what Trump had said, than anything else. I didn't want to imply he should "be more like Jesus," but the contrast set up what a truly frightful, shallow, callow, and self-centered man he is.

    I suppose you could say "At least he's honest about it," but the older I get, the less impressed I am with such "honesty."