Friday, September 04, 2020

This Is, Of Course, A Genius Strategy

For getting his supporters ballots disqualified.  Those old enough to remember need to recall the "Brooks Brothers Riot" was centered on one location in one state.  Does Trump think he can replicate that situation in several states?  Or at all?

Yeah, probably.  The question is, what will the courts do about it?  And how many states will it take to "reverse" the outcome?  The courts may declare some votes were invalid, but they are more inclined to convict individuals of the crime of fraud.  The outcome of the Presidential election will rest on federal law and Constitutional deadlines and requirements, and unless Trump can coordinate lawsuits in enough states at once to affect the electoral college count, he loses.

Because this time, it's not going to come down to one state.

Best advice of all:  it's not a federal election, it's a state and local election (federalism, 10th Amendment, etc.)  The statement from North Carolina's Board of Elections doesn't indicate any willingness to support Trump's shenanigans.  Most local election bodies are not interested in anything but a fair outcome.  Voter suppression is pernicious, but we can fight back against it, rather than fear the future and what Trump might do to it.  Trump may scream "Foul!," but he has to have evidence to back it up.  So far the closest he's come is Barr's "logic."  Even Barr isn't dumb enough to go to court on that.

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