Monday, October 21, 2013

"I love mankind! It's people I can't stand!"

I dunno; maybe I'm just feeling churlish:

The tragic truth is that an angst-driven minority can dominate a well-meaning progressive majority through threats of disrupting the structures designed to maintain a stable social system. The answer to this threat is enough people to maintain a posture of non-anxious reaction to the chaos engendered by the frightened angry minority. The future of American and global well-being is dependent on raising the level of self-aware conscientious independent citizenry who ultimately consider their highest allegiance to be humanity itself.
Overcome the concrete reality of the individual(s) with the abstract concept of humanity?  Resolve the prickly nature of human encounters by dwelling on the ideal of a humanity that is smooth and guileless?  Steamroll individuals into a goo of an ideal that just happens to be what I want?

Yeah.  That'll happen.

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  1. Given that we've pretty much failed to instill republican/civic virtue in our citizenry, it seems to be less likely we can have people rise to the next level of seeing themselves members of humanity. Then again, I saw a unicorn in the woods last week, so anything's possible...