Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Et in dystopia ego

The preferred metaphor here is probably "through the looking glass."  The POTUS has tweeted that he will investigate voter fraud, including dead people on voter rolls (which is not fraud, simply a record keeping problem), because he is being denied the claim that he won by the greatest margin of victory in U.S. history.

In other words, because of the raging narcissism of Donald Trump, the entire election process of last November, an election which selected hundreds of thousands of people to office from city government to the Oval Office, is to be treated as corrupted and the results unreliable because the man who now lives in the White House can't enjoy it because reality is the pea under his mattress, and he can't get any sleep.  If Trump is the victim of electoral fraud, what other elections must be called into question?  And does this only run one way, in favor of Trump and conservative Republicans?

This is not "through the looking glass."  This is 25th Amendment territory.  This is a challenge to the legitimacy of the democratic process which is the basis of this nation by the President himself, because he didn't win enough votes to salve his enormous ego.  This is the very definition of a man unfit to hold the office, and incapable of carrying out its duties.

This is what Republican senators were saying yesterday, in response to Trump's statement and Spicer's answers at the press briefing:

“I’m just not concentrating on that. I’m looking at the policies he’s putting forward, and they look good to me," Sen. Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV) said, when asked about Trump's claim that millions of undocumented immigrants had committed voter fraud.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) said he wasn't even paying that close attention to Trump's first days.

"I've been working on health care. Truly health care," Cassidy said. "I don't want to be like in a bubble, but I'm thinking about health care and getting our plan across."

Even Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) tried to down play Trump's comments.

"There are always arguments on both sides about how much, how frequent and all the rest," McConnell said about Trump's voter fraud accusations Tuesday.

Other Republicans – two who pulled their support for Trump during the election– however, vehemently pushed back on the notion that Trump had been robbed of votes.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that he had "no evidence of it" when asked about voter fraud.

“I don’t think there is any evidence to support that. He won the election. Move on," Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said. “I'm not going to tell [Trump] what to do. I’m just saying he won the election, we ought to move on.”

Do they still want to move on this morning?


  1. Maybe Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) is not my new senator. Maybe the results of the entire election in 2016 will be declared illegitimate. Anything is possible.

  2. I didn't think till reading your post that one of the early results of the Trump regime will be a test of just how depraved, irresponsible and in violation of their own oath of office the Republicans in the Congress will go these days. We know that a decisive number of them wouldn't do that in the early 70s but I'm betting that all of them, including the total fraud, Susan Collins will turn out to be as corrupt as Trump.

    Good point, June Butler, I'd love to hear the Republicans explain how the corrupt election that didn't make Trump the biggest vote getter in the history of the universe wasn't corrupt in the result that put them into office.

  3. I sent my recently elected senator and representative the following email.

    Dear Sen., Rep. _ _ _ _:

    Do you support an investigation of President Trump's charge that 3 to 5 million illegal immigrants voted in the election of 2016? Maybe you are not my new senator (or rep). Maybe the results of the entire election in 2016 could be declared illegitimate. As Sean Spicer said, "Anything is possible". We are truly living in a post-factual world, a world of "alternative facts" which should be called what they are are, "lies". God help the United States of America!

    I also called their offices asking the same question. They have not taken a public position, as usual. Maybe I can't do much about the coming dystopia, but I can annoy my elected officials who collude with Trump.

  4. June Butler, that is brilliant. I'm copying that and sending it to my congress critters if you don't mind.

  5. Heidi aka Mom, feel free to use my message.