Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Face of Evil?

So I started with this, where the President's Press Secretary proves that meme to be true:

“I believe that we have to be honest with the American people, but I think sometimes we can disagree with the facts,” Spicer told reporters Monday in the first press briefing under President Donald Trump. 

I don't know how to understand that statement except as a confused obfuscation.  We may disagree on what the facts are; that, indeed, is the basis of argument.  You disagree that the facts on one side are dispositive, or the only facts of the matter, or with the reasoning based on those facts.  But you can't disagree with the facts.

The very nature of facts is that they can't be disagreed with.  But supposedly we're to judge the Trump Administration by what's in their hearts; not by what they say, but by what they mean:

“Our intention is never to lie to you,” he added.

Well, that's alright then.  Whenever they do lie, they'll just alter the facts to fit their views.

And that turned into some reporters deciding this press conference proved Spicer was a square guy after all, following the unhinged rant on the day after the Inauguration.

But then Kellyanne Conway goes on FoxNews and says this:

We invited the press pool into the Oval Office, I was there ... And it was to witness the President signing these executive orders ... We let the pool press in, and immediately the print pooler sent out the pool report that the MLK bust had been removed. It is false. I don't say his name publicly because I don't want him to get attacked like I do. Because of what the press is doing now to me, I have Secret Service protection. We have packages delivered to my house with white substances. That is a shame and yes I hold him into account for it. This guy puts it out. It gets tweeted and it gets reported 3,000 times. He still can't take it back. He apologized to his colleagues in the press; he has not apologized to the President. And the damage is done because then people look at Donald Trump as the 'R word'. The darn bust was right there. I was standing next to it. It was being hidden by a guard. Why don't you ask us? Why don't you say, where is the bust? It presumptive negativity.

She is not the first White House staffer to get Secret Service protection, but she knows the general public doesn't know that.   And she blames it on a reporter, because that's the way this White House rolls.

The only question is:  how will the journalists respond?

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